Incident Alert Equipment

SEEN alertas

IEEESA Offers team solutions for incident alerts

Equipo de alerta
Accident alert team
Equipo de alerta
Accident alert team


At IEEESA we offer the implementation of state-of-the-art traffic control systems to improve the traffic and safety conditions of your work unit.

Near misses or tragic accidents involving pedestrians and machines such as forklifts, wheel loaders and telehandlers occur every day around the world. Managing the safety of people working near such heavy mobile equipment is stressful.

IRIS-860 sensors simplify pedestrian detection by detecting reflective tape on high-visibility safety vests and markers. If a pedestrian enters the detection zone, he and the driver receive an audible alert.

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    IRIS-860 sensor, Cab box, Protector de agua, Cable USB, Cable sensor

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IRIS 860 Loader